Documentary film maker and writer, Moses Adedeji (Public Relations Officer) developed the script “Tears Of My Joy” (Based on true life story) and also produced the film. A graduate of theatre Arts, University of Ibadan (U.I) He also holds post graduate diploma from Nigerian School Of Journalism. Moses practiced journalism and he was a public relation consultant in Nigeria before relocating to United States.
Moses Adedeji has produced numerous documentary films includes “The Making of Talking Drum, “In Search Of Root, African Dances, ANPA, CKC, Mission to Onitsha/Kaduna(For “Association of Nigeria Physicians In the America).

Moses helped to produce “Grass is Greene” a film by Sade Luke and Moji Oransaye .
Moses Adedeji is the president of 2PM Movie Production (a New Jersey based film production company) He is also the Chief Executive Special Rate Limousine LLC, also a managing partner Special Rate Medical Trans/Ambulances services.