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  1. ADOPTED - a suspense filled drama written & directed by Oliver O. Mbamara
  2. SARAPHINA - a love drama produced by Austin Ogbuefi, directed by Emma Anyaka
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About Us

thumb-imgNollywood Producers Guild USA (NPG,USA) is an association of like-minded Film Producers who represent, promote and protect the interests of Nollywood/African Film Producers in film, television and news media in the United States and other parts of the African Diaspora. NPG, USA members work together towards laying foundations and building bridges for African filmmaking, to ease the challenges of filmmaking, improve content quality, and foster a conducive and rewarding workplace. NPG, USA seeks to avail growing filmmakers with the protection of such content related laws and rights such as copyright laws, intellectual property rights, and labor laws, while working towards creating a fair and rewarding content distribution structure that benefits both the producers and the cast and crew members involved in filmmaking.

Nollywood Producers Guild USA is particularly focused on promoting the general welfare and improvement of excellence of the Industry through the creation of a secure distribution structure for fair and efficient content distribution. NPG USA hosts important industry events including Film Screenings, Conferences, Filmmakers Galas, and Awards/Recognition programs.


NOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS GUILD (USA) Inc. (GUILD) has been established to provide members within the motion picture, television, radio, and allied arts and sciences (industry) the following activities:

  1. To promote, protect, foster, and carry on and advance all efforts of individuals, entities, members, and affiliates in the industry;
  2. To gather, receive, prepare, and disseminate information concerning the industry;
  3. To provide for and to encourage the delivery and holding of events and programs calculated to advance the industry;
  4. To promote and further the interests of the general public in the engineering, technical and safety aspects concerned with the use and enjoyment of the benefits provided by the industry;
  5. To work with other Guilds, studios, networks and companies to promote the general welfare of the industry and seek a harmonious resolution to issues of contention. Through our events, outreach programs, library and archive, the Guild will encourage, promote, and preserve excellence within the industry.