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  1. ADOPTED - a suspense filled drama written & directed by Oliver O. Mbamara
  2. SARAPHINA - a love drama produced by Austin Ogbuefi, directed by Emma Anyaka
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Chisom Oz-Lee

Chisom Oz-Lee is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, and scriptwriter and a UN ambassador for women Governance. She has been making her country proud and hoisting her flag higher with quality film productions. As a the CEO of Best Icon Productions Inc., a film company in New York, she has produced award winning movies social thematic elements and cinematic qualities like “Unguarded”, “Timeless Passion” and many more. Some of the most common themes in her films revolve around social life and the accompanying problems that living in today’s society entails. One of her spellbinding movies, Lost Maiden, a feature which exposes the medical complications of female genital mutilation, made history when it gloriously premiered at the UN headquarters in 2008. Her latest movie “Secret Guilt”, explores the dark sides of bullying in high schools in an efficient, and of course entertaining way, in such a manner that allows the viewers to experience it vicariously. Chisom does not believe in mediocrity and she strives to the best of her ability to reposition and rebrand Nollywood. As one of the Board of Directors of Royal Art Academy, Chisom aims at attracting more individuals with formal education in acting and filmmaking in Nollywood industry. Her ability to handle several tasks simultaneously in the filmmaking world has proven her to be generously endowed with greatness.