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  1. ADOPTED - a suspense filled drama written & directed by Oliver O. Mbamara
  2. SARAPHINA - a love drama produced by Austin Ogbuefi, directed by Emma Anyaka
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Clarice Ford-Kulah is a college professor, writer, and producer in Atlanta, Georgia. She is originally from West Africa where skin bleaching is prevalent in many of the countries. As a child, the theater was her life. She is a trained dancer and actress. She has studied film and production extensively. Kulahhas taught everything from dance to drama and the like. She has produced and directed countless faith-based stage plays and dance shows in Atlanta. She is the President of Divine Entertainment International, a full service company that was founded by her and her late sister (Lydia Ford-Worjloh) to handle production from start to finish, train, and manage dancers, actors, actresses, writers, etc.

To date, Kulah has produced numerous films for the African movie industry and 1 for Hollywood. Her credits include Paparazzi Eye in the Dark, which won numerous awards and was showcased at the Pan African Film Festival in 2012. She is also known for movies such as “When One Door Closes”, Joni Waka (Ghana), Scarred (John Uche), The Refugee (Ghana/USA, directed by Nollywood’s Frank Rajah), 30 Days in Atlanta (Starring Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield, Ramsey Nouah, RMD, Desmond Elliot), and a list of renown films.

Recently, Kulah teamed up with Lisa Raye McCoy and Studio 11 Films to produce a critically acclaimed movie called “Skinned”, which deals with the epidemic of skin bleaching. The aforementioned film is in post – production and on its way to festivals as the Sundance, PANAF, TIFF, Cannes, just to name a few. Skinned stars Nollywood’s hottest actor, Van Vicker, Hollywood’s own Lisa Raye McCoy, Brad James of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse”, and Jasmine Burke (Drum Line).