Is love worth risking it all?

SYNOPSIS: When a midlevel African American gangster, Stanley, has a chance meeting at a club with a beautiful woman, Lily, he risks everything to be with her. Instantly smitten with Lily, Stanley pursues this woman who has captivated his imagination. There are just two small problems: Lily has a boyfriend and Stanley has a lifestyle where "business" doesn't allow real relationships. Still, the chance to have real love compels him to risk it all for Lily. Pretty soon Stanley and Lily's relationship cost the gang an important business deal. As repayment and a show of loyalty, the gang demands that Stanley set up his girlfriend's father, who happens to be worth millions. With Lily's life on the line, Stanley goes along with the plans. But what appears as a simple smash and grab isn't. There are always consequences when you mix business with pleasure, and there's always someone in the wings waiting to capitalize on your fortune. Can Stanley and Lily overcome the worlds they live in to find true love? Or, will it cost them everything